Hi, I'm Andres Milioto, a Roboticist from well pretty much everywhere

A short library of my contributions

If you'd like to get in touch

Very short CV:

(Some) of my interests:

  • Robotics

  • Computer Vision

  • Embedded Electronics and Edge Compute

  • Real-time stuff (!!!)

  • Making robots do the things we don't want to do so that we can focus on the important stuff

In my free time:

  • I try to figure out what "the important stuff" actually is

  • I play a couple of instruments badly, just for fun, and I sing (just a bit better)

  • I tinker with embedded electronics, weird deep learning projects, and a bit of mapping and 3D reconstruction

  • I try to spend time outside as much as I can (especially now that I live in sunny and beautiful Colorado ⛷️)

My projects on GitHub!

Publications I've been involved in

Sometimes a good visual is worth more than a million words (or something like that, right?)